Start it Up

Enhance knowledge, practical use, and application of financial literacy education, financial best practices and tools, in the lives of Black households and youth, particularly Black women, by fostering improved financial wellbeing through intensive, intersectional training in business management basics, entrepreneurship foundations, and tailored, easy-to-learn financial habits, practices and principles.

Program Objectives: 

  1. Increase knowledge of, and access to useful resources/ tips pertaining to financial literacy and financial literacy education, with specific focus on identifying bad financial habits and  effective, free or low-cost solutions to improve overall financial wellbeing and intelligence

  2. Promote and inculcate individual and collective financial responsibility among beneficiaries and community members

  3. Provide training and education in entrepreneurship and business management basics

  4. Facilitate opportunities for business creation and business development among beneficiaries and within the communities identified

  5. Educate on and highlight socioeconomic disparities, the Racial Wealth Gap, Financial Literacy and Black America, Income inequality, Educational Attainment and Student Debt Gap, among others fostering sustainable, hereditary knowledge-sharing and financial habits

  6. Develop a youth-led community financial literacy advocacy group/ collective/ coalition aimed at disseminating useful financial information & tips, and promoting financial responsibility and literacy among youth and other community members