The B.L.A.C. Project exists to provide creative and effective opportunities for BIPOC to gain access to education through the arts. One of the things we focus on through our Road to Royalty project is fostering personal efficacy and a growth mindset. The B.L.A.C. Project provides an environment and community where BIPOC youth can explore business and creative areas in a safe space - furthering the development of entrepreneurial skills, mindsets, self-agency, and the transferability of these skills and mindsets into school, career, and life.

2021-2022 PROGRAMS


Interested in a one-day entrepreneurship experience for your group?

We specialize in creating robust and engaging content to get people excited and interested in the wonderful world of entrepreneurship. From one-hour workshops to multi-hour summits or events, contact us to develop a plan that works best.

Young adults who had intensive arts experiences in high school are more likely to show civic-minded behavior than young adults who did not, with comparatively high levels of volunteering, voting, and engagement with local or school politics.