The B.L.A.C. Project exists to provide creative and effective opportunities for BIPOC to gain access to education through the arts. One of the things we focus on through our Road to Royalty project is fostering personal efficacy and a growth mindset. The B.L.A.C. Project provides an environment and community where BIPOC youth can explore business and creative areas in a safe space - furthering the development of entrepreneurial skills, mindsets, self-agency, and the transferability of these skills and mindsets into school, career, and life.


Road to Royalty

Fostering the next generation of Black excellence

Road to Royalty was created to bridge the gap between formal education and essential life skills with a specific focus on high school-aged Black youth. As such, our primary goal is to prepare Black youth for life after high school by equipping them with critical life skills that they may not have been provided otherwise.

The goals for the “Road to Royalty” program are as follows:
1. To help Black youth understand what the world will hold for them once they graduate high school.
2. To provide assistance in the application process while students pursue college or trade school.
3. To supply mentorships for Black youth who currently work in the fields they wish to pursue after high school.
4. To educate Black youth on the pros and cons of entrepreneurship and assist them in launching businesses should they desire.
5. Educate and train Black youth on essential life skills (i.e. goal setting, establishing accounts, establishing credit, applying for jobs, working and building/maintaining relationships of all kinds)

Literacy for All

The Black Literacy and Arts Collaborative Project is conducting a book drive that will benefit the Boston BIPOC Community.


We are asking for book donations for BIPOC youth ages 5-18. We are looking for books that showcase Black characters, tell Black stories, are written and/or illustrated by Black authors, and uplift the Black community. If you are unsure what types of books to donate, you may also donate money towards our Literacy Baskets. All books and baskets will be delivered to families in need in the summer and winter of each month.


Enhance Literacy Levels
The BLAC Project has chosen to focus on the particular strengths and needs of black children and families in the broader context of a shared goal: ensuring that all Black Americans are reading proficiently. We have chosen to adopt this overarching objective in response to data demonstrating both the critical nature of this educational benchmark and the devastating performance of Black families, only 15 percent of whom are reading proficiently in 4th grade. The BLAC Project aims to improve literacy levels within African American communities by engaging families and helping them develop an at-home literacy routine with proven results that link to academic and life success.

Promote Mental Wellness
 “My mental health doesn’t affect my job.”
“Children don’t experience issues with mental health."

These are common myths that plague our society. Mental health is our emotional, psychological, and social well-being; it affects how we think, act, and feel. The BLAC Project understands the importance of this throughout every stage of life and aims to enhance positive mental health through self-love workshops, webinars, workbooks, creative arts, and access to mental health counselors. These programs will help at-risk communities to positively handle stress, relate better to others, and make positive life choices.


Interested in a one-day entrepreneurship experience for your group?

We specialize in creating robust and engaging content to get people excited and interested in the wonderful world of entrepreneurship. From one-hour workshops to multi-hour summits or events, contact us to develop a plan that works best.


Young adults who had intensive arts experiences in high school are more likely to show civic-minded behavior than young adults who did not, with comparatively high levels of volunteering, voting, and engagement with local or school politics.