Literacy for All

The Black Literacy and Arts Collaborative Project is conducting a book drive that will benefit the Boston BIPOC Community.

We are asking for book donations for BIPOC youth ages 5-18. We are looking for books that showcase Black characters, tell Black stories, are written and/or illustrated by Black authors, and uplift the Black community.


If you are unsure what types of books to donate, you may also donate money towards our Literacy Baskets. All books and baskets will be delivered to families in need in the summer and winter of each month.

Project Goals

  1. Enhance Literacy Levels:  The BLAC Project has chosen to focus on the particular strengths and needs of black children and families in the broader context of a shared goal: ensuring that all Black Americans are reading proficiently. We have chosen to adopt this overarching objective in response to data demonstrating both the critical nature of this educational benchmark and the devastating performance of Black families, only 15 percent of whom are reading proficiently in 4th grade. The BLAC Project aims to improve literacy levels within African American communities by engaging families and helping them develop an at-home literacy routine with proven results that link to academic and life success.

  2. Enhance Personal Efficacy: Personal Efficacy, aka Self Efficacy, refers to one’s judgement of his or her own capacity to accomplish challenging goals (Bandura,1977,1986,1997). This is crucial in developing a person’s self esteem and ultimately their outlook on life. The BLAC Project aims to foster positive personal efficacy in at risk youth through workshops, coaching, creative arts, and self evaluation. The objective of these programs is to help participants gain confidence in their ability to exert control over their motivation, behavior, and social environment so they can positively create and achieve their goals.

  3. Promote Mental Wellness: 

“My mental health doesn’t affect my job.”

“Children don’t experience issues with mental health.”

These are common myths that plague our society. Mental health is our emotional, psychological, and social wellbeing; it affects how we think, act, and feel. The BLAC Project understands the importance of this throughout every stage of life, and aims to enhance positive mental health through self love workshops, webinars, workbooks, creative arts, and access to mental health counselors. These programs will help at-risk communities to positively handle stress, relate better to others, and make positive life choices.

How to Get involved

There are many ways to get involved with this project:


You may choose to sponsor a literacy basket for a family in need via this link. Literacy baskets are $50 each and will include:

  • 2 books (age appropriate for the recipient)

  • 1 box of hot cocoa

  • 1 pack of biscuits/ cookies

  • 1 blanket

  • 1 coloring book

  • 1 pack of crayons


Monetary Donation

You may choose to donate to the BLAC Project specifically for this initiative or donate monthly via this link to support this and all other programs to benefit families.

Donate a Book, Blanket, Crayons, or Coloring Book

You can choose to donate a book written by an author of color and significant to the upliftment of Black youth, families, and bodies. Additionally, you may choose to donate a light blanket, a coloring book, a box or hot cocoa and/or crayons.


You can mail your donation to:

The Black Literacy and Arts Collaborative Project, Inc.

P.O. Box 692051

Quincy, MA 02269