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About Us


Our founders grew up in impoverished neighborhoods, without access to quality education. As a result, their families relied a lot on other enrichment programs. While this was a great stop gap, it didn't provide the critical skills needed by Black people in order to provide an equitable starting point. As such, BIPOC are always in need of not just being extraordinary, which is hard enough, but having to be phenomenal in order to be on par with their white peers. This shadows BIPOC throughout life, knowing that in order to bring an end to systemic inequities someone had to create programs by BIPOC in order to address the needs for BIPOC.


These needs include more than the typical government programs that just treat the symptom, instead we got to the root cause, which was systemic racism. As such, The B.L.A.C. Project was created to be inclusive of the communities we aim to serve by having community members in leadership roles, on the board, and part of the program building process.

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