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Want to discover a new you? Do you wish to do something rewarding for both you and your community? Join us at The BLAC Project by signing-up to volunteer and make a difference! 

Anyone can sign-up, even you!  The only qualification required is your desire to help someone in need.

The B.L.A.C. Project, Inc. is seeking volunteers for its ongoing work of prioritizing access for marginalized populations nationwide. We at The B.L.A.C. Project recognize the need for critical social and economic services, as well as sustainable programming and resources within the creative and entrepreneurial spaces of our communities. It is our hope that with your time, help, support, and selflessness through volunteerism, that we will be able to bridge the gap and create new spaces fostering solutions and opportunities.


When you volunteer at The B.L.A.C. Project, you are:

  • Telling Black youth and families that you care about their futures and access to opportunities;

  • Sharing in community and human kindness;

  • Aiding education in communities and sustainable programming;

  • Growing and becoming a better person;

  • Participating in collective empowerment;

  • Actively working to make a difference!


When you volunteer at The B.L.A.C. Project, you:

  • Don’t need any prior knowledge or experience;

  • Don’t need a  college degree, GED diploma or certificate;

  • Don’t need any medical or pedagogical skills;

  • Don’t even need to know what to say;

All you need to do is sign-up to volunteer and show you care!

If you wish to serve and be the change you want to see- or if you cannot volunteer but wish to support our mission and programming- please follow the instructions below to sign-up or send us an email at for more information! 

We are looking for you. Yes, you! Because only together can we make sustainable, impactful and positive change!

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